We want to Embark on a new dog training adventure with you!

Embarking’s Mission:

To embark is to set out on a new adventure. Here at Embarking the Pet Dog, we view every human and their doggy companion as an exciting new adventure. Through behavioral science-based dog & puppy training, we focus on building positive human-to-dog and human-to-human relationships. We believe strongly in the importance of working together in creating, maintaining, and strengthening those positive relationships.

We understand that “life happens” and is often uncontrollable so we do our best to provide you and your dog with a training plan that is convenient with obtainable goals.  Through continuing our education regularly and conversing with colleagues we work hard to provide multiple solutions for your training needs.


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Our Trainer

Amber has a strong belief in preventative training and positive methods and has been applying them in Whatcom County since 2006.   She started her journey by…

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To better suit, the needs of our clients our dog & puppy training services include a wide variety of group classes and private lessons both focusing on skills and play…      

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In our downloads section, we provide additional educational material to you for free!  We have single topic handouts and eBooks to assist you with your training needs…

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Puppy Training

We strive to make training your puppy as easy as possible, and with that in mind, we offer two different options: first, our Puppy Starter in-home lesson covers all of your in home training needs and second, our Puppy Training with Levels program…

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Puppy Levels Client Access

This section of our website was created specifically for our Puppy Training with Levels Program clients.  Through these password protected pages, our clients can access all the tools they need to help them move through each level with success…     

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Here at Embarking, we understand that each learner, human and canine, have their individual learning strengths and weaknesses.  This is why we strive to provide educational materials in various formats including easy to follow videos…

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