Dog Training

Classes & Workshops for all ages


Dogs of all ages seek training for different reasons. Which is why we strive to offer a wide range of classes so that you may find something to suit your personal dog training interests.  Not sure what you are looking for?  Contact us and we can help!  If you do not see a class type you are interested in, please let us know.  We would be happy to create new classes or recommend another class in Whatcom County that may be what you are looking for!  *Please note these classes are intended for dogs who are non-reactive (bark, lunge, growl, excessively whine, etc.) towards other dogs if you are unsure of your dog’s reaction you may contact us for an evaluation.


Building Basics

This 4-week group class is designed for dogs of all ages.   In this class, we put a strong focus on basic cues such as sit, down, and come.  We create a reliable response to these cues by teaching your dog the way he/she learns best, using a lure-mark-reward method.  We then challenge you and your dog by changing the environment and distraction level.  Upon completion of this class, you and your dog will have a stronger relationship and a reliable set of skills to set you up for success!

Skills covered: sit, down, come when called, wait, stay, and loose leash walking

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Beyond Basics

Take your basic cues to the next level in this 4-week class.  Designed for all ages, this class challenges both you and your dog by building out of sight reliability for stay and come when called.  Get tunnel vision like focus while practicing heel in a busy shopping center.  Teach your dog target training and how to move around obstacles in this beyond basics class.

Skills covered: Settle, stand, stand-stay, park-it, side, back up, around, out of sight stays & recall

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Brainy Games

If your dog’s daily exercise routine is often thwarted by rainy weather or hot summer days the Brainy Day class series will provide many solutions to tire your dog out.  Work long days?  Don’t worry, these games are designed to be played anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour and work your dog both mentally and physically.   This series is split into 3 different levels so that you and your dog can continue to build on your skills and add new games to your repertoire.  This class is offered once a week and works on a drop-in basis.  While no specific skills are required to start we do require that all dogs begin at level 1, once they meet level 1’s criteria they can move onto level 2 skills!

Games taught throughout the levels:  Hide & Scent, Fun with a Hula Hoop, Rucksack walk, Food Toy interactions, Find it, and Ready, Set, Go! Hurdles, Obstacle interactions, Shaping exercises, Cue transfers, Capturing games, Name that Color, Learn to Read, and many more!

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Engagement Games

This one-time session teaches you fun games to play with your dog that reinforce focusing on you.  We take you out of the classroom and into local parks for some real-life distractions.  The games we play help reinforce loose leash walking, name recognition, recall, directional cues, and manners!


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