Brainy Games

If your dog’s daily exercise routine is often thwarted by rainy weather or hot summer days the Brainy Day class series will provide many solutions to tire your dog out.  Work long days?  Don’t worry, these games are designed to be played in a quick 15 minutes or can be combined for up to an hour and work your dog both mentally and physically.   This series is split into 3 different levels so that you and your dog can continue to build on your skills and add new games to your repertoire.  This class is offered once a week and works on a drop-in basis.  While no specific skills are required having a good sit, down, and wait/stay cue can help.  (Want to work on these skills before class? Check out the videos at the bottom of this page!)

Level 1: Learn how to use luring and shaping techniques to develop an indoor physical work out using fun obstacles!

Level 2: Teach your dog how to target items by name with their nose and fun tricks like spin, twirl, bow, roll over, and more!

Level 3: Teach your dog to sit when you sit with cue transfer exercises, to read cue cards and to recognize the difference between yellow and blue!

Bonus: A new food search game is played in every session!

This is a drop in style class.  You can pay by the session or purchase a punch card.  Due to limited spaces (6), you will need to go online and register each week to reserve your spot.  After the initial registration form is completed you will be sent a special code for reserving your follow-up sessions.